Adidas Run for women 5km


Hey girls! 

So here it is! 

Get ready for the biggest women’s race in the Czech Republic!

We are preparing tons of stuff with Dominika from DBLOG along with the race, so if you like running at least a little bit, don’t forget to check out our blogs for updates!

The 5 km race will be taking place on September 5th at 6PM, starting on Namesti Republiky in Prague, so write this date into your calendars! That makes 3 weeks to give you guys all the gifts, and those are these Adidas t-shirts and starting sets for the race(including the starting number and chip, backpack, starting bag, massage after the race, public transportation in the day of the race for free, a looot of refreshments and snacks, diploma and of course the medal). 

In case you don’t want to be involved in any of these contests and still want to run the race, you can register on

So I’m starting the first contest right now – who will post on Instagram the most interesting photo from your run until Friday, August 21st 12:00 and mark it with the hashtag #adidasbloggerschallenge and tag me as @itstimetofit, will win this Adidas top I’m wearing in the pictures. 

At the same time I’m starting the second contest, that will be going on for the whole 3 weeks. The one who will have the most kilometers done until Thursday, September 3rd, will win not just this t-shirt but the starting set as well. So, run and share for example the print screens of your running app on Instagram, again with the hashtag #adidasbloggerschallenge and @itstimetofit. At the end of this contest, I will count it all up and announce the winner:)

And the last thing, if you want to have a running session with me & Dominika, we will be having this VIP running training with a professional trainer for 35 readers of our blogs. This event will be taking place on August 27th and will be absolutely free, you just need to register on THIS LINK. Even there will be some fun running contests and the prices will be 4 starting sets for the big race. 

So.. Run, Forest, RUN!