Hey guys! 

So, how was your weekend? Mine was quite after a loong time pretty chilling. Thanks to the public holiday, I didn’t have to go to school on Friday, so my weekend was longer that usually. I used the day off for catching up on e-mails and writing essays for school, but on Saturday I got up at 10:50am, made myself a morning coffee, slumped into my sofa, put my feet on the table and was reading a book till lunch. Oh I needed this so desperately!

Today I got up around nine and went to the downtown to meet Martin to shoot a new epipsode of my fashion show. Instead of shooting, we chatted for three hours and when we were done talking, it was two o’clock already and the sun began to set, so we started actually doing something, haha:) He totally got me when he asked me what I’m planning on New Year’s Eve. I realized that I actually don’t know! I always plan my New Year’s Eve in October, and this year I totally missed it. I started to think about it, and most likely I’ll go somewhere. What are you guys planning? Do you usually go to the mountains? Or do you like staying home more?:)

Anyways, concerning my outfit, I bought new shoes again! You won’t believe it, but they’re not sneakers! I was inspired by my hiking boots and bought you these ankle winter boots. Although there is almost never snow here in Prague, they always remind me of my beloved mountains.

So have a great rest of Sunday & see you tmrw! 
P.S. I really gotta stop working out for a while, when I look at my quads on the third picture, hahahaa!!:) I probably accidentally flexed them, haha:)



Jacket – Boohoo
Top – H&M
Pants – Bershka 
Shoes –
Scarf – Reserved
Handbag – Reserved