Beldov – minimalistic cabin in the woods

Tiny House Done, Beldov


I’m a huge fan of modern architecture and nature (as you can see in the Lapland article). And when those two things come together, Tiny House Done on a side of a forest comes out of it.

And what is this Tiny House Done? It’s a project made by a bunch of people who had a common goal – to build a simple mini-house. They sell it on their website, and you can plant it wherever you want.

But you can rent one too! You will find it on Smržovka in the Jizerske mountains and it’s called Beldov. We spent two nights here, and let me tell you, it was like a fairy tale. We watched the woods from our bed in the morning, cooked our breakfast eggs on the fire, took a little trip around the neighborhood during the day, and in the evening started a fire and made some dinner.

The entire structure is only 12 square metres, but you’ll find everything you need to spend a great weekend. Bed, small kitchenette, shower and toilet.

If you decide to sleep either in Beldov or nearby, you should definitely not skip the Masek Bakery in Smžovka! They have delicious hot bread every morning!

The only thing that was kinda interrupting the experience in the Beldov cabin is the ongoing construction right next door, so the privacy was a little less than we had imagined. It would also be preferable for the cabin to be deeper into the forest because of the glass part, which there is no way to cover. But land doesn’t seem to be easy to pick these days, so I guess I can see how there was no other way 🙂

When it comes to cool cabins, I’d love to stay in Dobcicke rybnicky, but it’s hopelessly sold out a year in advance. I find plenty of inspiration mostly on, but if you have other tips for interesting accommodation around the Czech Republic and abroad, share them with us!:) After all, the corona will probably complicate our plans abroad for a while.


Tiny House Done, Beldov