Brisbane, koalas and repairing my camera



So the main issue is my camera repair. It looks like it’s worse than I thought, because no one could fix it so far in the bigger towns we were passing through. n Mackay, they sent to Brisbane, which is about 1000 km south, so we were just laughing and saying that it’s like they told us in Prague: „yeah, go to Rome, they can fix it there!“:D

Anyways, we had to edit the itinerary a bit, had to skip a lot of things and go straight to Brisbane. We made really short stretching stops at the cliffs of Rainbow Beach, Carlo Sandblow and Rockhampton, the capital of beef. We didn’t have time to try a steak, but we stopped by the local botanic gardens and a zoo, where we could cuddle a koala!

We were driving the whole day and got to Brisbane in the late afternoon, when the camera repair shop was already closed. We decided to explore the city a bit then. You can find several beaches and public pools right in the middle of the town, there is a beautiful old city hall, from its tower is a fantastic view of the skyline.

Early in the morning, we got to the camera repair shop, where we were told, that they can’t fix it either and that we have to go to Sydney, which is another 1000 km away! I didn’t know if I should cry or laugh. Then he explained to us, that there is somewhing wrong with a wire, that controls the right function of the shutter, which results in over-exponated mottle across the whole photo:(

Well what can we do, we sat in the car and got going again towards Sydney. Keep your fingers crossed! I hope they won’t send us to Melbourne! 😀