Cotton candy


Hey guys! 

So I think I have a new deviation! In addition to the white shirt addiction, I am completely obsessed with coats. I bought another one, even though I’ve got like 50 of them, haha:) But I had to buy it because I didn’t have any pink coat, so I just couldn’t leave it in the store. 

I came back from the Alps today, where we all of course died, but more about that next time. I am preparing an article with super-cool pictures, so stay tuned! We even brought a drone, a great camera and two GoPros, so there will be a video as well and I promise it will be done in less than half a year, I’ll cut it during the weekend. 

At school I’m starting week no. 7, so from Monday it will be quite a massacre, but hopefully I will be able to handle it!:D Next week there will be a competition on the blog and you guys can win a luxury watch, so be sure to follow both the blog and Instagram. 

And what about you guys? Are you looking forward to the weekend? Do you have any plans? 🙂 I’m going to shoot another episode of MM and on Sunday I’ll finally spend some time with my beloved mom, who I’ve been neglecting recently and haven’t seen her for about two weeks now:( 

Have a great Thursday! 



Coat – Zara
Pants – Stradivarius
Sweatshirt – can’t remember (some random store in Portugal)
Handbag – no, it’s not Céline 🙁 But it will be, once! Haha:)
Shirt – Topshop
Shoes – Adidas Originals