Hey everyone!

Finally, I’m starting to put together the articles from the Czech Republic, which will probably be more beneficial for you guys than Hawaii. Due to the corona virus, I haven’t really crossed the Czech border since January, and I’ve discovered several places worth mentioning, if not visiting.

Personally, I’m glad that I’m a bit chained to my own country, because I would never have found time for it. I always explore places which are as far as possible, so I have neglected the Czech Republic in the last few years. And yet there is so much to do during the weekends!

This article from Bohemian Switzerland will probably not amaze you in any way, because we all know it very well. But what could inspire you is the hammock and tent we brought along.

We took this weekend trip in April, when all hotels were closed anyway, so we didn’t have any other option, but looking back, I wouldn’t exchange our tent for a hotel.

So where did our feet take us? First we made a stop in Tiské stěny, where we climbed a bit. In the afternoon we found a place with a great view, where we hung our hammock, surrounded ourselves with food and just chilled until the evening. In the evening we pitched our tent and spent the night in the nature.

Then we went to Hřensko. Originally, we hoped a little that we would get to the famous gorge called Soutěsky, but it was unfortunately closed, so at least we looked around the Stará Plynárna. Then we moved to Dolský mlýn, where we found a quiet place again and hung a hammock right by the river Kamenice. It was hot, so we even went for a bath in the ice cold water.

In the end, we visited the Růženka lookout tower, which I had been drooling abour for a long time. You probably already know what a fan of modern architecture I am, so I was really glad that we would find such gems in our country.