Double pearls

Hey guys! 

When Martin saw me in this outfit, he told me I looked like a chef. If criticizing outfits would be a job, he’d be the best candidate haha:):D I probably made him mad with all my travels, so he decided to pay me back and went to New York City, so if you have the feeling that my pics are blurry from now on, well.. it’s not just a feeling haha:) 

Anyways, I’m just sitting on a train full of drunk Germans returning from Oktoberfest. I’m traveling from Munich back to Prague, and those who follow my Instastories already know what I was doing in Germany 🙂 Those who don’t follow me on Instagram, will have to wait a bit for the article. 

Even though everyone’s so loud here and the person next to me keeps hitting me with his elbow, I’m in a great mood. In the past few days I have experienced something incredible and have met incredible people. It just makes me smile all the time. Does it ever happen to you guys? That from an unknown reason you’re just so happy and it wouldn’t stop?:))

And by the way, tomorrow (Saturday) I will be selling my fitness meals on Řezáčovo náměstí on the farmer’s market, so if you want to taste them, please feel free to come! :))



Shirt – Zara
Pants – F&F
Shoes – Zara
Blazer – Mango
Handbag – Céline
Sunglasses – RayBan