Early Christmas gift

In cooperation with LG

Hello everyone! 

I hope you won’t get angry with me if I write a mini-article about how I got my gift for Christmas early because I’m super excited about it, and therefore I need to share this excitement with you guys. I’m about to move to a new apartment, and LG kinda took advantage of this fact and gave me their newest products from the world of washing and drying. Originally I was supposed to be all moved in August already, but there were some complications and I won’t be moving until February. So, the washing machine and dryer are both in our office – Hub – in the meeting room, where all the visitors have to sit next to them while having a meeting haha:) So, this is where these funny pictures were created. 

When they told me that this LG DUAL Inverter Heat Pump was powered by a dual inverter pump technology, I almost passed out, but then it turned out that in the real life it means that you can choose whether you wanna save time or energy. At the same time, their technology can somehow handle hair on clothes, so that’s another thing I’m pretty stoked about because as a girl with long hair I deal with this every freaking day. So anyways, if you’re interested by this miracle too, check it out here! 🙂

Speaking of Christmas presents, I’m not a big fan of hysterical Christmas shopping in malls, and I prefer practical gifts, like this one. Gifts I can use and they would make my life easier. LG hit the spot pretty well. For Christmas, I wanted nothing but to speed up the moving process and relieve stress from moving.

Unfortunately, I haven’t used these products yet, so I can’t tell you whether I’m happy with it or not, but in my current apartment, I have an old LG washing machine, and in the past eight years, it has been working perfectly. I haven’t had to repair it even once, so I suppose this will be similar.

I’ll tell you my experience when I’m fully moved!