Hey guys! 

I hope you’re still not sick & tired of my travelling posts, because I still have one week on the road! 

This time I’m posting a few pictures from the famous Grand Ocean Road, which runs along the southern coast. The interesting thing about it is, that you can observe many rock formations right from the road and ocean shattering by several meters high cliffs. Among the most famous ones rank the Twelve Apostels, which you would probably count maximum of 9. I was wondering, why they’re called Twelve Apostels, if there is only 9 of them and found out that they used to be called Sow and Piglets, but this name wasn’t attractive enough for tourists, so someone came up with a catchier name Apostels. But since there is usually twelve apostels, eventually it became known as Twelve Apostels and no one knows why. 

Anyways, we visited the Twelve Apostels during the sunset, which is said to be the best time since the sun shines right onto the red-coloured rocks, and explored the rest of the formations on the next day. You can actually walk down right to the beach to see it closer and some are visible only from the viewing decks, however all of them are really cool! 

We also saw some koalas on our way to Cape Otway. I always thought that you have to be very lucky to see wild koalas, but we saw dozens of them. All you have to do is keep your eyes peeled. They’re probably the cutest animals in the world, I totally fell in love with them!

At the end of the day, we had some burgers in one of local cafés and got going to Melbourne, but more about that next time.