How long will it last white?


Hey guys! 

So today is THE day! I have one last exam at school, so I’m kind of freaking out right now, but by tomorrow, I’ll be soooooo relieved! (well, until January, when the exams start again, haha). I’m still looking for some flight tickets for Christmas, but I can’t find any cheap ones. I really need to go somewhere from 12/22 to 12/28, and also, the temperature in the target destination can’t be lower than 80°F, also it has to be sunny there, and I require palms, sea and ice-cream. It would be great if the flight didn’t take 6489876 hours and the flight ticket didn’t cost a fortune. I know, my requirements are pretty high and I already figured out, that there is no such destination. I was thinking about the Canary Islands, but in this case, I would have to give up the temperature. I could go to Dubai, but in this case, it wouldn’t be cheap at all. Well, I’m pretty sure, I’ll figure something out & be gone by December 22nd hahhaa:) Well, and I’m not even speaking about the New Year’s Eve! It’s quite probable, that I would spend the New Year’s Eve either home & alone & studying , or in some kind of a hut in the Alps, with my leg broken and with cold burn level 3 because I’ll be trying to reach the summit of Grossglockner. Hahhaa:) 

What are your plans for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, guys? 🙂

Anyways, concerning my outfit, I managed not to wear any black after a really long time and that’s a success! Haha) But I have to admit, that it’s quite crazy to wear all-white outfit in this muddy weather, haha:) So what do you guys think? Do you like it? 🙂

P.S. I’m preparing a super-cool Christmas competition, which should be out tomorrow, so stay tuned & don’t forget to check out the blog or Instagram! 🙂 




Coat – Zoot
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Stradivarius
Handbag – Primark
Sweater – Zara
Shirt – Gant