Instaspot by Olpererhütte

Hey hey!

Do you remember that summer we were in Stubai? So I completely forgot to write about the fact that our trip wasn’t over and after spending a great weekend in the Stubai valley, we visited Olpererhütte, situated in the Zillertal Valley.

It was a detour, but I’d wanted to see the iconic suspension bridge for a long time. But we didn’t have much time until sunset, according to the maps, it was supposed to be a 2-hour hike from Schlegeis Stausee parking lot. But we set such a pace that we were up by the mountain cabin in about 50 minutes. It was summer, so we got there soaking wet.

We arrived at Olpererhütte while the valley was still sunny, so we had a change to see the water color in sunlight. I was so afraid that once the valley gets covered in shadow, the color of the turquoise water in Lake Stausee would turn gray, and the pictures would not be as great.

You’ll find the Hangebrücke just a few meters behind the cabin and up the hill. But if you’re coming here in the summer, expect a line of people eagering for an iconic photo. Worst case scenario, you’ll find an instagrammer who changes into evening gowns three times on the bridge, while taking hundreds of pictures in various poses. Unfortunately, we had that experience.