It matches!



Who saw me on TV last week? I didn’t see myself, so I do not know, which footage was used, but the point was to choose a outfit by Tom Taylor for the reporter. I all took place in the TT showroom, and this was one of the outfits that I had chosen for her. (it just suited her about 1000% more because she was wearing a cream-colored high heels and also her legs were soo much longer than mine, hahah:)

Originally I thought this outfit would look better on me. I was so excited about the color combination and how everything matches, but now that I am looking at it again and I think that the skirt is too long for my body type and the sweater too shapeless:(

Anyways, yesterday I went to a hairdresser after almost a year! And I have never been happy with my hair, I always regretted going. My hair grows incredibly slowly (probably it’s because I visit a hairdresser only once a year, haha:)) and my hair is always being cut off by half a meter, which wouldn’t be happening if I went every three months, like any normal person.

Well, this time the result is pretty good 🙂 My hair ultra short, I might have never had it this short in my life, so freaked out for a few minutes. But I’ll get used to it, eventually, haha:)

And what about you? How often do you go to the hairdresser? 
P.S. The photos are of course shot before visiting the hairdresser :)))




Skirt – Tom Tailor
Sweater – Tom Tailor
Shoes – Adidas