Kokořín area without people


Kokořín. The castle, where thousands of Praguers go on weekends. A place where you can hardly be alone.

WRONG. Well, not entirely.

If you go where everyone else is, you really can’t avoid the crowds. How about skipping the castle and exploring the equally beautiful nature around the castle?

The trail we discovered leads through a dense forest, through one great restaurant, to the beautiful rocks. 13.5 kilometers of nature and solitude. At the end of the trail, you can still make it to the famous castle, and if this turns out to be in the evening, there’s much less people.

You can park in the main parking lot under the castle and from there you will head towards Dracula’s Tavern, where you should stop for some Serbian food. Then continue to the Jestřebický stone bridge and from there through the Šemanovický důl to the Klemperk caves. Then to the castle and back to the car.

Let me know if anyone did this route and how you liked it! 🙂 Here are some photos I took along the way 🙂