KVIFF – day 1

Hey guysssss!

So I just got back from Karlovy Vary, where I visited the International Film Festival! I spent two days there, but I didn’t stop for a second because I had so much stuff to do! We arrived in Vary early in the morning, because we were filming a special episode of my fashion show, which we had to edit and cut the same day. When we were done with shooting, the girls at Douglas made me look like a lady again, so I was ready for the evening parties. One took care of my makeup and the other one did my hair. I got a “naked” makeup with only a distinctive red lipstick, and wavy hair, so it would still look natural, but nice at the same time.

I was wearing a vest and trousers, both from Zara, new Asos sandals, my favorite H&M hat and a Pull & Bear handbag.

We didn’t see a single movie that day, so we hoped we’d see one the next day. In the evening, we went to the media party, which was fun! We were almost the last ones to leave and moved to Finlandia Cocos Bar. I won’t say what happened next, because I’m sure everyone can imagine that, hahaha:)

The second day was even more fun for me, but I’ll write about that in the next article!

And what about you guys? Have you ever been to the film festival? 🙂 Did you like it?