Land Rover Defender – our new car


Many of you have requested this article, many of you will not be interested in the subject at all, so you may as well skip it. Those interested in our new car, settle in and read on:)

It was November 2020. An ordinary day. But it was ordinary only until I got a text from my friend. The message included a photo of a white Defender and the text: “for sale, you want the contact?”

Just to put you in context, the Defender is my dream car. I’ve been talking about it for almost 10 years. Every time one goes by, I start screaming and crying and taking pictures and stuff. Then I talk about it for another 20 minutes.

I cheered that we were going to take a look at it. We actually didn’t want to buy a car at all. My boyfriend had one, I had mine, and we were happy. I wanted to get a Defender in about five years. I mean, we hadn’t counted on this white piece charming us enough to take it home a few days later.

Right after the test drive, I knew it was him. And also knew that if I ever wanted to buy this car, I needed to do it now, because this one was a real showpiece. I’d never find a better one in my life. Within two days, we bought it.

Now the technical stuff.

  • Land Rover Defender 110
  • 2011
  • 118.000 km
  • long, five-door version
  • 2.4 diesel
  • there’s no elektronics – everything is manual (gear, windows, locks, etc.)
  • full-time 4×4 (obviously:D)
  • year-round tires
  • expedition version, pretty neatly redone by the original owner – the car has ready-made sleeping in the form of folding plates, independent heating and a walkie-talkie
  • additional equipment: additional headlights, roof ramp, towing equipment, snorkel intake, tires with studs, footboard on the hood, iron cover all the way along chassis

I hope this is enough. If you’re interested in anything else, just ask. I’ll just keep the price to myself. The price on old Defenders is generally very high and I would say it’s pretty disproportionatel given the equipment and age. But it’s just an icon that’s not made anymore and the owners know that too.

And if you’re wondering if I’ve been thinking about the new Defender, which was just released in 2020, the answer is yes. However, I’ve always liked this one. I don’t want a polished city car, I want a proper car that I’m not afraid to scratch or take into the mud. Plus, as someone once said, “There’s no electronics in that car, so there’s nothing to go wrong.” And that’s 100% true.

And how is the driving? Wonderful! It’s a bit of a tractor, of course. The maximum speed is 130 km/h on the highway (and we can barely hear each other at this speed), but that’s just part of it. Parking in Prague is hell. Even so, I don’t regret it.

Anyway, this white beast has been our new family member for a few days now. We’ve had the chance to take him to the mud and change his light bulbs to white LEDs, so he’s 100% unmissable now.

Welcome home, Deffie.