That dog of mine has grown a bit. He’s man now, so I already have three men at home. Damn, time flies. I can barely carry him anymore. He weighs about 25 kilos, and dragging him around is no fun. Originally, Gin was supposed to be much bigger. Both parents have a good 10 centimeters more in the shoulder, so I’m kind of hoping he will grow a bit more. He will have to rock the snow and the mountains!

It was supposed to be an outfit post, but I’m having some kind of creative crisis today, so I don’t think I’m going to say much, I hope you’ll forgive me. In fact, I could only think of one insight. Once you’re home all the time thanks to corona, you don’t really feel like dressing up. I sit at my computer most of the day in black ripped jeans and a grubby T-shirt. Who has it the same way?

Hopefully it’ll all be soon different. Stay strong everyone!