MBPFW ’17 – day 3

Hey guys! 

Here’s the last report from Prague Fashion Week! I attended the last day with crutches, which you can’t see in the pictures, because I chucked them somewhere and acted like I’m completely fine. Well, if you take a closer look, you can see how swollen and purple-ish my right ankle is, haha:) Right now, I’m sitting on my couch with a cast on my leg, but more about that later:) 

The last day of fashion shows was probably the best one even though I managed to see only two shows – Katerina Geislerova and Petra Balvinova. I won’t be hiding that I adore Petra Balvinova and her designs, so her show was absolutely the best for me. But I have to admit that Katerina Geislerova is right behind her, because her show was stunning as well <3 

After the shows, I hobbled to the re-opening of Lacoste Store on “Na Prikope” street and spent another two hours with my girls there. 

I was wearing not so interesting outfit, because considering I had to wear it to the hospital (and imagining myself in a crazy outfit having an x-ray made me laugh), and school, I had to pick something normal and comfy. The vest is from Zoot and both pants & top is from F&F:) 

Well, now, when fashion week is over, I can’t wait for another one! It’s always such an inspiration for me, that it makes me wanna be a designer as well. You know that feeling when you go see a tennis championship and as you leave you’re saying to yourself that you need to start playing tennis, or when you go see a movie about a dj and you install a dj program the next day haha:) Yea, that’s how I feel about fashion week right now!

Alright guys, see yaa!