More than sweatpants


Hey there!

I decided that after every video I gotta do a post about what I was wearing while shooting, because I think that gym clothes are considered fashion as well and you can do wonders. And since I spend so much time in the club I think it is good to wear something that I find comfortable and stylish as well. 
I will probably repeat myself for the hundreth time but I really LOVE Stella McCartney collection for Adidas. Exactly what I am talking about – it pushes the fashion in sport to a whole another level and it becomes more than sweatpants and loose T-shirt. Plus by collaborating with Adidas you can be sure that everything is functional and practical .
I am wearing Stell tank top, Adidas shorts and Originals ZX Flux. shoes. They are not really meant to be trained in but are so comfy that if you only lift weights or squat that you will be fine.:)
How do you deal with what to wear to gym?? :))