Mysterious cabin in the western Czech Republic


So here we are, stuck at home again. Wandering around the world is over for a while. But even that doesn’t stop me from discovering new places, only they’re all in my home country, the Czech Republic. To be honest, a much more time-consuming research is necessary, because those magical places aren’t so easy to find.

The perfect example is this cottage on a pillar that I once saw online somewhere, but I didn’t save it. After a while, I remembered seeing it and looked for it for a good few hoursIn the end, I found it, so we set off for a trip.

A few meters above the water, right in the middle of the Radbuza River, there’s a tall granite pillar of a former railway bridge, and right on top of it, there’s a mysterious wooden cabin.

You may ask how the cottage got to the pillar in the first place. I read that the cabin was built by a bunch of local summer camp enthusiasts. They did so by using a climbing technique and a self-made cable car, which is no longer in place.

Cabin on a pillar – how to find it?

The site is located in Plzeň region, a short distance from the village of Chotěšov. On Google maps, you’ll find it under the name “chata na pilíři.” As you can see in the pictures, there’s no access to the pillar, so there’s no way to get directly into the cabin without a boat. There isn’t any ladder leading to the pole, so I doubt anyone ever got in. However, the most beautiful is, of course, from a distance, so I don’t think the fact that there’s no way to get into the cabin really matters.

Well? Which one of you did I just inspire with a trip to Chotěšov? 🙂 Or are you drawn north, where you can stop at Crow Castle along the way?


chata na sloupu