Hey guys! 

Last week me and my boyfriend went to Dresden to do some shopping and where do you think we spent the longest time? Primark of course! I don’t really like shopping there, because I know about the affairs that were related to the manner of making the clothes, however, I went there after about 2 years and I bought just a few pieces, like this cardigan. 🙂 

By the way, that’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about the new Forever 21 store, here in Prague. I miss those American three-floor stores, where you can get anything you want. Like in Primark. Need socks? Go to Primark. Need a nail polish? Primark has about 150 colors. Handbag? Primark. Shoes? No problem. 

I’m not talking about the quality, we all know how bad it is. I think that Forever 21 is really similar to Primark, but better quality, so I’m really looking forward to the opening. 

And how about you guys, have you ever bought anything in Primark of Forever 21? What do you think about these stores? 

Talking about the F21 opening, I had two competitions for you guys, one is over and the other one is still going till Friday. You can win a 500,- voucher, so be sure not to miss it! You’ll find the rules on my Instagram underneath the pic with the yellow crook:)) 

And I’m reminding the competition with Lee as well! The rules are here, on the blog and you can win a whole outfit by Lee! 🙂 

By the way, I’m just having a steak & sweet potatoes for lunch and I figured out, that sweet potatoes taste like chestnuts! Has anyone thought about that ever?! Hahaha!:) 




Sweater – Primark
Top – Primark
Pants – H&M & homemade
Shoes – Nike
Hat – Accessories
Handbag – Zoot