Not enough cookies


Hey guys! 

So today I overslept! After about a year, haha:) I just couldn’t get out of bed, ignored my alarm clock and woke up at 9:30. So of course I didn’t even have time for anything. Luckily I only missed my own workout, so it’s not much of a deal. I went to shoot an outfit in cooperation with Peak Performance, so you can look forward to a lot of pictures in one of the weekend’s posts. I’m having a conference with Dior in a few minutes, to which I’m looking forward so much, so definitely keep an eye in my Instagram Stories, there will be a lot of snaps today! 🙂

Tomorrow we are shooting another episode of my show and on Sunday me & my mom are baking Christmas cookies! The worst thing is that every year there is not enough of one specific kind of cookies (they’re called “rohlíčky” in Czech)  and they’re the best! I could eat like all of them in a few minutes, haha:) I take this day as a rest, because I see my mom very little, and when I do, it’s because of some work. I can’t wait to open a bottle of wine and discuss everything that we did not have time for the whole year :))

Anyways, there is a giveaway on Instagram from today until Sunday. You can win a hot air styler from Bellissima, with which you can create a perfect hairstyle in a few minutes, so check out my Instagram (@timetofit) where the giveaway takes place! You can give it to someone as a present, if you still don’t have all the gifts (ahem … like me, haha:).

Concerning my hair, I’m completely incapable of taking care of my hair and if the hairstyle takes more than five minutes, I give it up right away and put my hair into a ponytail, haha:) The maximum I would do is to blow them dry upside down, but it looks great for the first five minutes and after a while I look like after a workout or something haha, so I just end up with the pony tail again:D If I do have time, I use a brush for blowing my hair dry. I had a chance to try this awesome hot air styler and it’s super-easy to use and the hair looks great! 🙂 

Alright, have a great weekend guys, 



Jacket – Zara
Bag – Forever 21
Pants – Bershka
Top – Pull&Bear
Coat – Boohoo
Gloves – H&M
Shoes – Adidas