Not the same beige

Hey guys! 

I’ve developed a taste for brown color. I don’t know why. But I wear it all the times. There is one thing, that can really make me mad. Every brown or nude is different. There is so many shades! I always think, that my hat would match my coat, but by daylight, I find out, that I was about 10 shades wrong. Like this dress. It looked EXACTLY the same color as my coat back home in the evening. I’d say “What the hell?!?!”

By the way, the reason why I started wearing summer dresses in winter, is that NONE of my pants fit me. But I’m working on it. Yesterday I was working out till 11:15pm because that was the only time I could do it. No excuses. 

Anyways, there is nothing to write about today. There are several things that come to my mind, but they’re so random. 

I started listening to rap again. Especially during my workouts. Like this song is awesome! Also, as I was desperate during my finals, I learned all the lyrics of Hands Bloody by Mikolas Josef, so in case you want to hear me sing, just let me know. 

Also, I might go to Slovakia on Friday to climb Krivan. The one in Mala Fatra, not the one in High Tatras. There are actually two of them. There is -22°C at the one in High Tatras. I’m not doing that. 

I still have three more exams to go. This year I didn’t do well at all. I got all C’s and I even failed one. I guess there is too much to do and too little time for school. I’ve been always done by January 15th, but my last exam this year is on February 1st. 

I did some shopping with my mom yesterday and I chewed her our for not caring about what she wears, so I made her buy skinny jeans and a leather jacket. She is a star now! 

Well, that’s all I wanted to say & I’ll get back to my studies again.


Coat – Boohoo
Sweater –
Shoes – Zara
Bag – Chanel
Hat – Accessories 
Dress – H&M
Overknees – H&M