Oversized everything

Hey guys!

My jeans tored yesterday. My favorite ones. The exams are killing me, I really really need to start working out daily and stop eating chocolate all day. I have one more exam in front of me, but I won’t be studying for it anyways, because I already know that I’ll fail it and also I won’t have any time to study because I’m going to Munich tomorrow for the whole weekend, I’m shooting a new episode of MM on Monday and I’m going to Salzburg to explore some ice caves and to test my new Sorel boots! I can’t wait to be on the road again, because I’m driving my new car and I’m really really looking forward to drive it fast finally! 

You guys should stay tuned too, because there will be tons of pictures from both places, so I’ll write at least two posts about these trips!:) My mom is provoking me because she keeps sending me pictures from Klinovec (mountain in Czech), where she went with her friend to do some cross-country skiing. Well I’m gonna pay her back since I’m going to Spindl (another Czech mountain) next weekend! Muhahaha!

Anyways, so my torn pants were the reason why I wore these old pants, which I used to wear to the office back then, when I used to work there. They required a strict dress code there, so these are part of my office suit. They’re by Gant and are 80% wool. Also, I got a new sweater, from Zara, which is woolen too, so this was actually like the third time I wasn’t cold at all! 

And also, I wore something else than skinny jeans after about 7 years (that’s how long I don’t work in the office anymore). I gotta say that it’s quite comfy! 🙂 

Well, have a great rest of Thursday and the next article will be from the mountains! 



Pants – Gant
Shirt – Gant
Sweater – Zara
Coat – Boohoo
Handbag – Pull & Bear
Heels – Mango