Na Čihadle - jizerské hory

Hey outdoor people!

This time we went to the Jizerske Mountains, and I’ve been honestly neglecting them all these years, but it was time to rediscover them, so we went to the Na Chihadle nature reserve.

I never liked Jizerske Mountains as a kid. We used to have a cabin here, and every time my parents and I went out on the weekend to “relax”, we had to work on the house & garden. All we did was mow the grass, clean the house and rake the leaves. You can imagine how much fun this was for 10-year-old Eliska.

That’s probably why I never liked Jizerske Mountains.

But at 27, I got over it and gave them a second chance. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for this amazing cottage in Smrzovka, that you can rent for the weekend. Rolling around in bed all weekend isn’t really my thing, so that’s why we ended up walking around this place.

So we went to Na Chihadle Nature Reserve. It’s a tiny peat bog, which you can overlook from the wooden, just a few meters high, viewing platform. It takes about five minutes to explore the whole area because you can’t walk directly on the peatland except the wooden walkways. On the other hand, it takes a while to get here. We were coming out of Smedava, and it took us a good hour to reach the Chihadla lookout. It might have been done quicker, but the whole way was lined with blueberries, so we kept stopping for a snack.

What else to see in the neighborhood?

You may be familiar with the “Jizera Highway” in winter, when hundreds of cross-country skiers pass through. Including me. If you’ve ever been here in winter, be sure to go through any part of Jizera Magistrate’s in summer – it’s completely different and I bet you can’t even recognize the great majority of places without snow. One of them is the Protrzena Prehrada which I wrote about on my blog a few years ago.

Well? Have I convinced you? Would you come out here? Or have you been here before?


jizerské hory
Na Čihadle - jizerské hory