Protein chocolate cake recipe


Hey fitfam!!

I am not a type of girl that spends hours in kitchen and bake cakes and other sweets (what do we have our grandmas for, right?:))), but from time to time I find some interesting (and HEALTHY) recipe on the internet and I decide to try it out when I find some spare time. I am a maniac when it comes to eating healthy (but I have my moments..) therefore I hope some of you will find this recipe useful.

Last weekend I tried to bake some chocolate protein dessert. This recipe is too great because you won’t find too much sugar in it and not a pinch of flour! It took me about 15 minutes to get everzthing ready and let it bake for a bit. It is a real quickie, therefore perfect if you always happen to be short on time.

For the corpus you will need: 

5 eggs
8 table spoons grated coconut
1 scoop protein powder (I used chocolate, but pretty much any flavor will do)
2 tbls cocoa powder
2 tbls coconut milk
1 tea spoon baking soda
5 tbls water

For the filling you will need:

1 banana
400 -500g quark
5 tbls cocoa powder
2 scoops protein powder
3 tbls coconut milk


First we separate the egg yolks and white and whisk the whites until you get a smooth mixture. Add the yolks to the coconut milk and water. Keep adding coconut, cocoa powder and baking soda with protein powder. When you mixed it all add the egg whites and mix it together. This will give you the batter which you will pour onto a baking sheet and let it bake on 180° for about 8 to 10 minutes.

While the corpus is being baked we can focus on crating the filling which is not difficult at all – just mix every ingerdience together:)

When you have the base ready, take it out of the oven and let it cool for couple of minutes. Cut it in half (horizontally!) and put the filling on the bottom part. Add the top part and put it in the fridge for couple of hours.


Now all you need to do is to cut it into pieces, decorate and here you go!

I got about 20 smaller pieces.

For its nutritional values…I put it all into my FitnessPal app and I got the following for 1 piece:

100 kcal
4,8 g carbs, of which 2,7 g sugar
9 g protein
5,5 g fat

Great, isn’t it??:) Let me know if you have tried and how you like it!!