Summer stress

Hey guys!

I always thought that this kind of a dress looks like dungarees, but finally I found one that doesn’t really look like them. At least I hope not.

Anyways, my life is so hectic now that I can’t even write about it all. Do you ever get so busy that you don’t know what to do first and instead of being productive, you just cry about how much stuff you need to do and in the end you don’t do anything at all? And then it starts to be worse and worse and you have even more stuff to do.
So that’s pretty much I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve been totally incapable of doing anything on time. It’s probably because of all those travels. I’m on the road for a week and two days in Prague. And then it’s pretty hard to get that one-week work done in two days. Actually not even two days. One. Because the first half of the day, you are at home, unpacking and doing laundry, and the last half-day, you have to plan the next journey and pack again. So, I figured that traveling also has its limits.

I’d love to write everything I’m doing right now, but now as I think about it, I feel like I’m not doing anything at all and I have nothing to write about. But last night I went to bed at 3am, I got up at 5am this morning, and I’m not probably going to bed today, because I’m gonna be driving to Italy this night, so there has to be something in those 22 hours, but I can’t just summarize it. 

And what about you guys, does this ever happen to you?



Dress – Dorothy Perkins (via
Top – Can’t remember:(
Watch – Komono
Backpack – Aldo
Shoes – Reserved
Sunnies – RayBan