Sunday morning on point

Good morning guys!

Today I’m having a chill day and I could not start it differently than with great breakfast. Indeed, Sunday is my cheat-day and I don’t care what I eat. That’s why I tried my boyfriend’s recipe for a sandwich with strawberries, blueberries and almonds, and what else goes better with that than a hot chocolate! Although I have a cheat day, I don’t try to everything I can find at home, so even this sandwich is not the worst thing ever:)

Well, as I promised, I have another competition for you guys, this time you can win ladies’ underwear Elka, the same I’m wearing in these pics, but minty blue (link HERE)! Often I sleep in them, and sometimes I put them on on Sunday mornings, when I don’t rush anywhere. 

I’ve got three pairs of shorts and all you need to do is to write in the comments below, how your perfect Sunday morning looks like:) On Thursday at 8pm I’ll pick three winners randomly and send them these Elka shorts. And don’t forget to add your e-mail, so I can write you! :)))))))

I’m looking forward to all the answers!