Tip for a healthy snack


Hey guys! 

Starting today, we’ll be posting fitness & healthy lifestyle articles every Monday. In these Motivation Mondaysyou’ll always find new exercises and how to perform them correctly, our training plans and diets or recipes for healthy and nutritionally balanced snacks and other delicacies. 

This time, we took a few pictures of one of our favorite snacks ever. It consists of: 

1 package of reduced-fat cream cheese (250g)
1/2 of Milko 0% greek yoghurt (70g)
1 table spoon of chia 
1 table spoon of sweetened cocoa
1/2 of banana
1 handful of cashews
(and 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder)

One portion contains about 450 kcal, 55g of protein, 20g of carbs (and 10g of sugars) and 25g of fat. Vojta usually eats it all at once, but I divide it to two portions, when I don’t have time to deal with both morning and afternoon snacks. 

Hope you like it! 
And what about you guys, do you have any favorite healthy snacks?