Good morning girls! (and boys?:))

Kisses from a boring lesson at school, which I can’t use for nothing but writing a new post! Haha:) 
I started my day with a workout, as usually, and surprisingly I dealt with is quite good, even though I slept for 3 hours. I haven’t posted any #MotivationMondays or #FitFridays recently since I don’t have a camera, so apologies for such a failure. I’m trying to figure out which camera I should buy – the same one, or a better one. Either way it’s a hell of money:(

Anyways, concerning my outfit, I got dozens of questions about my coat. So, ladies, I bought it in Primark in Dresden last month and I found it after about an hour of crawling around the store. I almost never find something good in Primark and for me, it’s one of those stores, that look good at the first sight, but once you go inside, you never find anything good. The same thing happened with this coat – I didn’t buy anything and when I gave up and wanted to leave, I found it. 

These long coats (and even longer!) will be worn a lot this fall, so I didn’t hesitate for a second. And what else will be a must-have during the fall? Definitely bombers! They’re becoming to be more of a basic piece recently, so if you still don’t have any, there is plenty of them in the stores right now! 🙂 

So guys, have a great rest of Wednesday & see you tomorrow! 



Coat – Primark
Pants – F&F
Shoes – Nike
Watch – Komono by Freshlabels