Weekend workout


Hey guys! 

So another ultra-short weekend passed by and I didn’t even notice that it was a weekend because I didn’t stop for a second. Why does time go so fast?! 🙁

I didn’t want to go to my gym on Sunday, where I spend several hours every day. I got a hankering for an empty gym, where no one would talk to me and I could really focus on my own workout, haha:) That’s why I went to Sokolovna Pruhonice, which was really totally empty. I exercises the whole body after a really long time and I wore myself out so much, that when I came home, I had to take a nap. 

I didn’t spend the rest of the weekend any differently than shooting, writing essays for school and eating everything I found. I got an advent calendar and ate all the chocolate pieces until December 15th even though December hasn’t even started hahaha:) Well, there is only one thing that keeps me from eating crappy stuff – if I don’t have that stuff at home, I don’t eat it obviously, so during the week, the only thing you would find in my refrigerator would be meat, eggs and vegetables, haha:) 

This week I’m going to keep dealing with my car, a lot of deadlines at school and about a million training sessions with my clients, so I’m going to be sloppy in the blog for a while. However I was thinking about going somewhere for the Christmas for a few days just with my mom. We just can’t decide where to go, but probably somewhere warm. Any tips? Has anyone been to the Canary Islands during December? I’d be grateful for any tips! :))) 

Have a great Monday, guys!