Where the fun begins


Hey guys!

As we have been doing for the last two years we visited the traditional Matejska Pout or Matthews Fair as well this year and we had some fun!

I am not sure what git into me but I initiated Bungee Jumping and I have to admit that it was one of the weirdest feelings I have ever had. At first we thought we were gonna record the whole thing on one of our phones but we ended up putting it away and I think we were really glad we decided to do so, otherwise we would still be searching for it at the moment. I was screaming so much that it had to sound like someone was chasing me with a knife.  

It all took only like 2 minutes and the worst was the first part where it shoots you into the sky and then you just kinda jump up and down and it feels really strange. The whole construction turned upside down and I didn’t feel that well, especially after the whole cotton candy I ate. It was amazing, but I would not suggest trying to record it on your phone as well. TRUST ME! 

And for the ones that don’t have enough courage to try it, just go out there and have some cheat meal snack, which there are plenty of. I was so full and so not feeling well after the cotton candy that it was the only “food” I bought. So either thing you choose, you won;t feel well 😀 isn’t that a great recommendation?!

What about you?? Did you go and wander over there this year?:)) Tell us how it was!