Wide shoulders – what (not) to wear?

Hey guys! 

One girl once asked me if she can wear an off-shoulder when she has wide shoulders. And so I thought that I could write a mini article about what to wear if you have wider shoulders. 

I’m definitely not a professional fashion guru, but I honestly think that this type of a dress is good for girls with wide shoulders as well, because I have wide shoulders myself and I didn’t think that this dress would highlight it. But here’s the list of what really looks great if you have wide shoulders:

  • long sleeved tops/dresses in dark colors which nicely mask not only wide shoulders but also bigger arms (like these or these!)
  • regular loose short sleeves (like these or these!)
  • turtlenecks (like these!)
  • off shoulder dresses / tops (like these or these!)
  • shirt dresses – even without sleeves (like these or these!)

Here’s what I think highlights the wide shoulders even more:

  • dresses and spaghetti tops
  • shoulder pads
  • balloon sleeves
  • tube dresses / tops

So hope I helped a little bit 🙂



Dress- Reserved
Shoes – Can’t remember :((
Bag – Paul’s Boutique