Wild camping at Passo Di Falzarego

Hey guys! 

In the last article I wrote about how I got down from Lagazuoi back to Falzarego Pass by the last cable car and started looking for a place to pitch my tent. 

I had to look really hard and act quickly because it was getting dark. I came down to my car when the sun was setting. I quickly repacked and took everything I needed for camping.

I went to the opposite hill, which looked quite promising. There was soft-looking grass and plenty of hills to hide behind. 

I don’t know if I wrote it in the previous article, but you’re always asking me about it. Yes, camping in the Dolomites is forbidden under a high fine. Outside of the national park they don’t care that much, but if you want to camp inside the national park, you have to be very careful. I recommend pitching the tent after sunset.

After about two kilometers of walking, I found the perfect place. It was situated in a small valley between the hills, so well hidden, but it also had a nice view.

I set my tent and cooked dinner, which I finished eating when it was dark. I got into my sleeping bag at about 9pm, and I fell asleep for three hours.

But at midnight, a very loud noise woke me up. The first thing I thought about was the bears. I started freaking out, but then I realized that it wasn’t possible. Then I remembered that I had seen a lot of deer on the road during the day, and I realized that it was October, so the deer was in rut, and that’s why it was so loud. 

All night long, they were walking around my tent and didn’t let me sleep. It seemed like they were even stepping on my tent. I didn’t get much sleep till the morning.

In the morning the rising sun woke me up. And at that moment, I forgot about my crappy night, because when I opened the tent I was filled with a feeling of happiness. 

I sneaked out of my sleeping bag, put on my boots, and walked into the morning dew. I pulled out a stove and poured water in it. Until it started boiling, I just stood there, looking at the beauty and smiling.

I fixed myself a cup of coffee and a disgusting oatmeal, which tasted like the best food ever at that moment. It’s interesting how the nature and weather can completely change your mood. I sat down next to the tent and kept staring at that mass of rocks, which I managed to do for more than an hour.

Finally, I managed to pack my tent and set off for another adventure. When I threw a backpack on my back, the first hikers started to walk around me, so the timing was perfect. 

I went down to the car and drove to the town of Ortisei, where my next trek started, but more about that the next time 🙂

And where did you guys experience the most beautiful sunrise or sunset? :)))