From Oslo to Bergen by train


Hey travellers! 

I have a short report from our second day in wintry Norway! 

We packed our staff and took the train from Oslo to Bergen early in the morning. This train ride is said to be one of the most amazing and scenic rides in the world. And it truly is! The ride took about 6 hours, but we didn’t get bored not once. As soon as the train left Oslo, there was so much more snow everywhere. We could see this polar-like landscape with turquoise rivers and frozen lakes. The train ascended to the altitude of 1 220 metres above sea level, which seemed like we were surrounded by a white never-ending wall because of all the snow and wind. Only thing you could spot was a typical red wooden cottage once in a while. The temperature got to frosty -15°C! The ride was astonishing, except for the fact that I did not know how to lock the toilet door and some guy opened it while sitting there. I can’t wait for the way back though! 
All the photos are taken from the inside of the train so they are a little bit blurry…no wonder – we were driving faster than 120 kmh:)


We got to Bergen at about 3pm, so we had a little bit of time to explore the city before the sun took off. There was much less snow and even the temperature was not as crazy as in Oslo. We wondered around and discovered the parts of the city alongside the fjords, but we left out the most interesting things for tomorrow. The sunset was at about half past four, so we only got to see tiny part of the town. We are again using airbnb for accommodation, and are staying out of the city centre with a professor at a local university. 

We are staying here for two days so get ready for another part!