Hiking to Teryho chata – VIDEO!


Somebody’s happy for just two days in the Tatras, 20 kilometers in their feet and 10 kg in their backpacks. And you know what? I’m really the happiest girl in the world this way. 

I’m probably not a true blogger because I’d never be so excited about a Prada handbag as I’m about a two-day trip to the mountains, bread for breakfast and face without make-up. Because the handbag doesn’t give you any memories. You will always remember this kind of trip. 

Hopefully you like the video, guys! Everything was shot by GoPro Hero 4 with an electronic stabilization 🙂 Oh and maybe you’ll be interested in the song, so it’s Christian Löffler and the beginning of his 1-hour mix called IA MIX 221.