I wanted to return it


So I fell in love with this dress on Asos in a few seconds. But when I received it, I found out that it was made of faux leather, which was not absolutely recognizable from the photo on the website (who reads the material labels today, right? You will always find out that everything is made of polyester anyways…). I wanted to return it automatically, but the longer it was sitting on my desk at home, the more I actually liked it. So I kept it.

And in the end, I absolutely love the dress. I’m just sweating like crazy when I’m wearing it. The paradox is that in winter, synthetic coats are sold everywhere (with not a single wool thread), and you’re cold in them. And in the summer, faux leather dresses are sold in stores, which doesn’t really work either because it’s way too hot to wear them. I mean, what’s wrong with the fashion brands?!

By the way, these photos are probably the last ones where my dog, Gin, still looks like a homeless. I had him cut and now he looks like a completely different breed! But the funniest photos are definitely created in motion. Gin looks like a mop in them.

I’m taking the mop somewhere for a trip this weekend, so there will be another article coming out soon! 🙂