Karl WHO?

Hey everyone! 

Today I’m gonna show you how my everyday outfit (but not so interesting and inventive) looks like. This is a typical one for the last few weeks, because since all of my jeans don’t fit me, I have to wear a pair of work pants that are a little looser, haha:) So these are probably the only pants you can see me wearing lately. 

I’m wearing jewelry from the latest Pandora geometric collection, and I totally love it! You know how much I love geometry and all kinds of lines (my tattoos are the proof), so you must know how much this collection hit my taste 🙂

I’m also wearing my new sweatshirt by Karl Lagerfeld. I think Karl is one of the best designers and I admire his work very much. I mean, have you guys seen his latest black&white collection?!? If someone gave me half a million dollars and told me: “Go and buy some clothes”, I’d go there and I’d spend that money right there, haha:)))
And what about you guys? What would you buy if someone gave you half a million dollars for your clothes? Which stores/brands would you go to first? :)))



Top – Karl Lagerfeld
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Reserved
Hanbag – Zara
Blazer – Mango
Jewelry – Pandora