Life with a dog

Hey everyone!

I thought of writing an article about what my life with a dog was like. I, for one, would welcome such an article if I were deciding whether or not to get one.

Everyone always discouraged me that it was a responsibility and you had to take care of it as it was a baby, and think in a completely different way. How many times have I heard that “you can’t travel everywhere with a dog” or “wait till it pees all over your apartment.”

The reality is that everything they say is true. Gin used to pee all over my apartment as a puppy. It’s a responsibility because you have to keep your eyes open all the time. You can’t travel everywhere because some hotels aren’t dog friendly.

But you know what?

I’ve adapted and I don’t mind it. The pleasure of having a dog is much greater than these little worries. The pee in the apartment gets wiped, my eyes are wide open automatically now, and I’m traveling exactly the same way as before, only with more tent sleeping.

And the training? That cost me a lot of time. I spent six months training him. I didn’t have to see a professional, I did everything myself using the internet and books. But today, Gin is the most well-behaved dog I know.

And if you’re wondering how I work, Gin’s been coming to work with me for six months now, and everyone here loves him. I had to talk my boss down for four months, but he finally gave up – and didn’t regret! Gin comes to all my meetings. He rides the car with me. He climbs mountains with us and sleeps in a tent.

And the conclusion? I don’t regret one day of getting him. His face always warms my heart. So for me, living with a dog is much better than without one. If you’re wondering how this idea came about, read the first article about Gin:)