You guys have probably noticed that the Fashion Week took place in Prague last week. I’m sooo looking forward to it every year, but this time I could make time only for one fashion show, and that was Pietro Filipi on Sunday evening. 

We spent the whole Saturday in Dresden, which wasn’t planned at the first time. We did some shopping and a little bit of sightseeing as well. The Monday I had to work and to take care of my broken car, which is quite old now. I’ll probably have to find a new one pretty soon. 

Anyways, concerning the show, it was absolutely stunning, as always, and I can’t wait to buy that black & white coat! I’m wearing my souvenir from Valencia, which I haven’t worn since then. I’s an oversized dress by Cos with some kind of shards in the back, which I couldn’t leave in the store. Besides that, I love dresses with pockets:) 

I took my boyfriend to Fashion Week with me and since he went straight from work, he didn’t have time to change, he was wearing a suit. Originally I wanted to wear something more extravagant, but a true couple should match, so that’s why I chose more of an elegant style. 

After the show, we got sooo hungry and were looking for a place to eat. Finally we decided to go to Ambiente Brasileiro, which we were planning since April. We were leaving the place sooo stuffed, that my stomach literally dragged me down. Who has been there, knows this feeling pretty well, haha:)

And how was your weekend, guys? Are you excited about Fashion Week as well? And do you own any clothes from Cos? And have you ever been to Brasileiro? :)))