Hey guys!

Telč! That’s a must see when in the Czech Republic!

We went to Telč straight for the whole weekend and we didn’t regret it. We stayed in the Kamenné Slunce pension and kept eating in the Bistro Café Friends. For some time now, we have been using the Gastromapa from Lukáš Hejlík, who always tells us where they cook well and where they make good coffee. We never had a bad experience with his tips. And this bistro, which is the only one in Gastromapa in Telč, did not disappoint either.

The next day, right after breakfast, we went to take a look at the Janštejn glassworks, where the famous Brokis lighting is made. And since Jarda and I are both big fans of quality design, this totally left us speechless. We got a private tour of glassworks and they even let us blow the pipe! We ended the tour in the Brokis showroom, where Jarda had to hold me, because otherwise I would have bought everything they had there.

In the afternoon we went on paddleboards. We sailed through the castle park, stopped on a secret island for a picnic, and returned to the mainland at sunset.

By the way, the center of Telč is beautiful and worth a walk too. It’s not for nothing that it’s in UNESCO!