Race for women


Hey everyone! 

So since I didn’t do well on the Spartan Race last week, I started running again. Recently, you would have probably seen me more in the gym lifting the weights than jogging somewhere in the nature. 

That’s why I decided to participate in the Adidas runs again. The first one, called Only Girls Run, is taking place this Wednesday August 31st, and it’s a kind of a training for the big run called Adidas Běh pro Ženy, which will be held on September 10th. Běh pro Ženy is a 5-km long race, so you can actually make a great time without destroying yourself for another week and obviously only women can come. You can register right HERE! I’d love to meet you all guys there and have some fun, so be sure to come! 🙂 

You can come to the Only Girls Run as well of course, which is free and you don’t have to register for that one! You can just come at 6pm to Adidas Na Příkopě and we will all start at 6:30. The run ends at Letná, where we’re gonna have some yoga and picnic. 

I’ll see you there then!