Secret spot in Prachovské Skály

Hello everyone!

I have another tip for you for a trip around Prague! You might be probably surprised that I’m writing about something as well known as Prachovské skály, but even here (as elsewhere else) you can find a place that you will have only for yourself.

It will probably be difficult to describe where this place is, because I don’t remember how we got there, but I’m sure there are a lot of them in Prachovske Skaly. All I know is that we started our walk from the lower ticket office and did the green circuit. Almost at the end of the route we got off the trail and after about a minute we came across this viewpoint overlooking this beautiful valley of rocks.

We also had a mini-picnic, consisting of brunch, which we bought in Prague in our favorite breakfast place called Spizirna.

The main message of this article, however, is that you can look at all the places from a slightly different angle, from a different place than from where all the people are 🙂

Happy exploring!