Sloup v Čechách – a great spot for bivouac

vyhlídka u Turka

Hello everyone!

Today I have a tip for bivouac in the northern Czech Republic, paired with a wonderful trip around the area.

I myself am originally from the northern part, so I’m no stranger to these places. I went with my dogs and my mother to the town of Sloup v Čechách, where the first stop was, of course, the castle. It’s the icon of Sloup, and no one should miss it.

We left the car parked at the castle and walked to the rocks. We saw the forest theatre and lookout tower Na Stráži and continued through the forest staying on the green path (the so-called Sloup scenic circuit). There are plenty of rock formations and views along the way that are worth a picture. Sloup v Čechách is known not only for its famous castle, but also for its beautiful rocks.

And where’s the famous bivouac spot? It’s called Vyhlídka u Turka. The identifying mark is a small wooden gazebo at the very end of the trail. You can sleep comfortably on the ground right in the gazebo, or in a hammock.

What about you guys? Do you like to bivouac? If so, check out an article about how Kuba and I bivouacked at Lake Kirchsee last year!