Trip to Kladno – award for architecture and Veselov lookout tower

Hello explorers!

There are weekends when there is simply no time for a trip. These are exactly the days when you get out of bed at noon, go somewhere for brunch and at 3 pm you decide that it would be nice to go somewhere. For these purposes I found two places in the Kladno region.

The footbridge over the Dřetovický stream is interesting because it won an award for architecture in 2019. The authors of the project are architects Ondřej Císler and Petr Tej from the Prague office of Aoc architects. The original footbridge was torn down by water, so it was a wish to create something that would last. Therefore, the footbridge is built of special concrete.

Since we still had time before dark, we also took a look at the Veselov lookout tower. It seemed to fall apart in a few seconds, but it was beautiful 🙂